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Here are some little soundscapes I've made inspired by Skibidi Toilet, using royalty-free sound effects.

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Titan cores

These are audio soundscapes of what each Titan's core might sound like if you stepped inside! Each clip begins with the sound of your footsteps entering the core chamber (via stepping off the Titan's hand), then shortly afterwards you'll hear the sound of you pet-patting the inside of the core chamber, followed by the Titan's reaction.

Titan Camera


Titan Speaker


Titan TV


Titan Speaker (infected!)

No footsteps or pet-pats for this one. You don't want to go inside that! This one's shorter than the others because it's not very pleasant to listen to, and I was starting to feel really sorry for Titan Speaker!


Scenes from fics

Titan TV core ambience

I attempted to make a little soundscape to go with one of the scenes in my fic Human, the Titan requests your presence, in which the human reader-insert helps to perform maintenance on Titan TV's core (thanks to your human ability to no-sell magnetic fields which would require the TV engineers to keep stopping and de-gaussing their CRTs).

The audio is meant to be this bit from the fic:

Something unseals in the core chamber in which you're standing, and you hear and feel a corresponding rumble. It feels as though it vibrates you down to your bone marrow.


You grasp the outermost ring by two of its cooling fins and begin to turn it - luckily it's balanced enough that you can turn it with only your human levels of strength, and it has enough markings engraved on it that you can keep track of how far you've rotated it. As you near the 270-degree mark, you slow down your spin so you can precisely bring it home. To your satisfaction, the ring clicks into place, stopping you from over-turning it.

Ideally there should be voices, but a) I don't know what kind of method to use to make a distorted TV voice and b) my own voice sounds like a squeaky duck so it's probably not a good choice for the reader-insert character.


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